Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Training Pastors in Africa

This short story about the work of the International Bible Conference training pastors in Africa really encourages me. I suggest you check it out. An excerpt:

"The Pastor’s Conference emphasized “family,” teaching mostly from Ephesians 5. Again, hundreds professed faith in Christ and thousands were encouraged and strengthened by sound doctrine and expository preaching. Over 8000 copies of the MacArthur Study Bible were received with indescribable joy and commitment. Two pictures describe it best: after running to receive the Bible, pastors lifted both hands toward heaven and knelt in an open field giving thanks!
Imagine 8000 voices resounding with upraised Bible in hand, “I will study the Word. I will obey the Word. I will preach the Word!” Alleluia! The shout of praise shook the earth! "

For my efforts towards equipping 400,000 more Bible teachers, check out 400KTeachers.org.

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